Kenneth Sewell says:
26th June 2018

After a few years off bikes I went back to do IBT. I found the instructor exceptional and professional. These guys have a great attitude and even gave handy maintenance advice. Highly recommended !!

Michal Sieradzki says:
15th January 2018

Great place to do your IBT! Declan is a great teacher and pays attention to your progress and things which you can improve on. Do your IBT and see you on the road! Safe driving!  Thanks Declan!

Dan Lynch says:
23rd May 2018
Thanks to Dec #1 and Dec #2 I passed my test today! Couldn’t recommend the boys enough! Excellent instructors. Thanks for all the help lads! Ride safe! And keep up the good work!
Marc Bowen says:
16th March 2018
Loved my motorcycle learning experience with two wheel training, with very straight forward training and guidelines, very welcoming and positive energy when doing the lessons and nice spins.
You will pass the test no problem from learning with Two Wheel Training.
Highly recommended.
Passed my test today thanks to their training.
Bernadette Harrington says:
27th June 2017
Just passed my full test today with Declan , he’s an absolute gent in every way , I did my IBT and a few lessons with him and I cannot recommend him highly enough, he has great patience and commitment when teaching , so thank you Declan for teaching me the skills I need to stay safe on the road!

Pat Noonan says: 
21st January 2017

I’m a volunteer rider for Blood Bike South and part of our standard is to have a Rospa advanced rider qualification. I’ve been taking lessons and instructions from Declan O Donavan in preparation for the Rospa assessment and it all paid off today when I got a gold merit in my assessment. Thank you for your constant encouragement and teaching me the skills to achieve this merit. 

Mark Maguire says:
30th September 2016

Just completed my 2 day IBT with two wheel training today, it had been 20 years since i had been on a bike. I have to say the teaching & delivery of the training is second to none. Two wheel came highly recommended and they didn’t disappoint. Thanks Declan. 

Steffan Coakley says:
19th July 2016

Did the ibt test with the two Declans and have to say that they kept it interesting and made the whole process nice an easy for all skills of riders. Highly recommend Two Wheel Training to anyone thinking of taking up biking.

Luke O’Mahony says: 
12th August 2016

I did my IBT and pre-test with the two Declans and can honestly say I would never have passed my test without their help . I considered myself a tidy rider before I did the training but I was missing so many technical things that I would’ve failed on. The lads are an absolute pleasure to deal with and I would recommend them to anybody. Thanks a million lads


43 Responses to Testimonials

  1. goranCer says:

    Hello. And Bye.

  2. Liam says:

    Passed my full test last Friday first time in the sweltering heat, clean sheet. Thank you to both Declans for your instruction and encouragement. I did my IBT in January and had a couple of pre-test lessons before test. Would highly recommend Two Wheel Training. Thank you lads for showing me the skills I needed to stay safe on the road. I’ll keep up the life saver look!!

  3. I did one single pre-test lesson a few years ago with Declan in Skibbereen – This was back where one did a circle around town on the bike and answered 4 question for the full test.

    Thanks to a 2 hr session with Declan I was able to kick bad habits and pass the test without a bother.

    All that happened on the day was that the battery calved and I had to get the Tester to push me down the road and bump start the Bandit. Still managed to pass thanks to Declan.

  4. Ivan Whelan says:

    I just did my ROSPA test today. I’m delighted to be able to say that I achieved a Gold. This was in no small part due to the fantastic training I got from Declan both before the summer when I applied and the refresher lesson I did last week. Thanks Declan you did a great job. It made all the difference.

  5. Dmitrij says:

    Did an IBT + lessons + pre-test lesson and passed my test recently 🙂 Many thanks to Declan for great job!

    Training is tailored to your needs and safety driving, very experienced instructor. All my mistakes were noticed, discussed in details, explained why I did them and how to fix and eliminate this mistakes, lot of practice not just theory. 🙂 Plus Declan was flexible with lessons dates and time.

  6. Derek Fitzgerald says:

    I did the IBT almost 2 years ago with Declan and when my test date came up, I contacted Declan for his help to pass the test in Mallow today. I’m delighted with the pass, it wasn’t easy but with Declan’s words of wisdom I felt confident lining up for the test.
    I’ll just like the say thanks Declan, keep up the good work and hope to see you on the road in the coming months.

    Derek Fitzgerald.

  7. David Patrick Boland says:

    Contacted Declan about my IBT,With very little experience and head full of crap knowledge.At 5o years was very reluctant and could not relate to doing this training.After the first training with Declan and some mistakes,I could see how relevant training was.Insurance and tax is required,TRAINING is much more important for anyone.On the second day the ride out was wonderful,guided all the way by DECLAN.Professional allthe way,recommend him anyday.Thanks again.

  8. Tomasz Dabrowski says:

    I have just completed IBT course with Declan O’Donovan (Two Wheel Training) .I have no words to thank Declan for His professionalism , patient and calm . Declan is a great instructor ,nothing seems to be problem for Him , and He is always there to correct your actions.I would highly recommend TWO WHEEL TRAINING as your future training center to all learners ….be ready for a real stuff ….
    Declan thank you very much for everything ..great 2 days ..

  9. Damien B says:

    Just ta give a thanks to the lads at two wheel training after passing my test. I done my IBT with lads awhile back and learned a lot from them from start to finish. When I applied for my test I gave the lads a call for a pre test just to refresh all they thought me and have to say the lads are on the ball with the training. everything they showed me and took me on the routes for test all came up . I passed with a clean sheet and couldn’t have done it without the lads big thanks.

  10. Tom Moore says:

    I contacted Declan in early 2011.
    I had never even been on a bike before then so it was all new to me.
    Declan was great from the start,professional manner and puts the student at his/her ease.

    I completed the 16Hr IBT and when time came for my driving test, I returned to Declan for a pre-test lesson and went on to pass the test first time, which is a testament to his skill as an instructor.

    I then returned to Declan to do the progression module and that was great experience too.

    I hope to return to Declan for more training in the future.

    All the best,

  11. Padraig says:

    I did my pre test lessons with Declan, after the first lesson i was confident
    of passing, and then just a fine tuning lesson before the test itself.
    He was very calm and patient and as a result i did the test very relaxed.
    I passed the test with a clean test sheet.
    I highly recommend Two Wheel Training.

  12. Adam Deane says:

    I did my IBT training today with Declan and I must say from the moment I rang him to book it he’s been nothing but professional and friendly throughout my training. Declans approach to teaching you to drive a motorbike safely and with confidence is second to none and I will definably be returning for a few lessons before my test. A+ instructor

  13. Silvia says:

    I did my IBT in September 2014 and passed my full A last week (November 18th). I am a old school biker and had and still have some bad ole habits, I needed to kick….we all know how hard it is, don’t we…
    Declan is de man, you get shit sick tired of hearing about life-safers and to keep your hands of the front break If not in use of course….but boy does it pay of and it is making all a hell of a lot of sense.
    His passing humorous comments about wrecked cyclist pounding the road or other stupid road users, makes the test route more bare able.
    He is extremely professional and really knows what he is talking about. So approachable and truly in the job to do the best for you. His motto I sense is that there is ‘No Fail’ 🙂
    So thank you Declan, you just made me spend a hell lot of money to get my dream bike….

  14. Rachel Crowley says:

    I arrived out to Declan in Two Wheel Training a complete novice at 45 years of age having never rode a motor bike before in March this year. And here I am 8 months later with a full license!!!! From the IBT to the pretest lesson, Declan was fantastic. He had a hell of a lot more faith in me than I had in myself. Thanks for everything Declan, couldn’t recommend you highly enough.

    Rachel Crowley

  15. Francis Monaghan says:

    Today I made it, second time round…many thanks to Declan’s perseverance. It feels great!!!I had picked up a lot of bad habits on me wee scooter. I helped immensely that Declan was so flexible as my shift work can be a bit of a pain. He got me ‘over the line’ without the kicking and screaming and we had a laugh along the way. Professional in every way. 🙂

  16. Mark O'Riordan says:

    Two Wheel Training was recommended to me on many occasions when I found out I had to do my IBT and so I did my IBT with Dec and found him very patient and easy going, he also worked around my schedule to get it done. I took one pre test lesson with Dec and rented the bike the day of my test. I passed first time and couldn’t rate Two Wheel Training any higher.

  17. Finbarr Tobin says:

    Hi, I did my training with Declan and pre test sessions as well.I passed my test today.He is a pure professional and would recommend Him to anybody getting into biking.He is also a very easy guy to work with,I could still hear Him today as I drove around the route not allowing you to forget any detail.My last pre test session with Him really did it for me and was the reason why I passed.Thanks a mil Declan. Two Wheel Training. Finbarr

  18. Emmet Murphy says:

    I completed my IBT with Declan in March of this year. I had no bike experience worth speaking of. Declan put me through my paces and gave me confidence so I applied for my test. I went on a pre test lesson and I subsequently sailed through the test, at the first attempt!!
    My testimonial should be summed up as follows; no bike experience + ibt with Declan + no bike + 2 lessons with Declan = category A license!!
    Two Wheel Training was recommended to me and without hesitation I recommend Declan to anyone taking the plunge. You will not find a better instructor and service anywhere else. Every minute of instruction was a pleasure.
    Take my advice and book your training with Declan at Two Wheel Training.

  19. Mark L says:

    I did my IBT with Declan back in June and I enjoyed both days very much. The training was clear and I still remember it when I’m riding around. I just passed my test this week (1 sept) at the first attempt and I’d put that down to the quality of Declan’s training ( and a little practice 🙂 ). I’d recommend Declan to anyone considering getting into biking.

    Mark L

  20. eddie says:

    I completed my IBT on the 14 of June with Declan, and passed my full licence on the 3rd Sept on my first attempt thanks to Declan, I couldn’t rate him high enough, a genuinely nice person and an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to biking!I would highly recommend the pre test lesson with him before you attempt your test as it helped me pass mine first time!

  21. steven jones says:

    Just completed ibt with Declan, the guy is
    pure gent and a natural at what he does.
    In two days I learnt a mountain of stuff
    and feel confident and safe on the road now.
    My driving test is gonna be a drive around
    the block 🙂 I don’t see how it’s possible to
    get better than this guy and will defo do my pre
    test with him. Thanks a mill Declan,

  22. Peter Kelly says:

    I recently completed my IBT training with Two Wheel Training and found Declan to be an excellent trainer. From teaching the basics of safety to building confidence on the road I found the time valuable and enjoyable. Having not driven anything on two wheels for 10 years I was delighted that I felt confident and safe on the Bandit 600 by the end of the IBT. Bikes, gear and facilities in general are top notch and I would recommend Two Wheel Training to anybody doing their IBT.

  23. Gary O'Callaghan says:

    I came to Declan last April for my IBT with zero experience with motorcycles. There was a lot to learn but I never felt rushed or overwhelmed throughout the entire course. His training gave loads of confidence. I applied for my test last month and as soon as I got my test date I organised a pre test with Declan to brush up on anything I’d forgotten since my IBT. My current bike isn’t suitable for the test so being able to use Declans Bandit 400 was a huge help. The test was today and I passed no bother! The whole process was very professional and friendly. Big thanks to Declan for getting me from nothing to passing my test!

  24. Laura Flavin says:

    So I came off my motorbike last November, the crash could have been much worse but all I had was a fractured leg and broken confidence, my dad did IBT with Declan and after the winter months passed I decided Id get back on the bike! after doing the IBT with Declan over 4 days I got my confidence back, he slowly moved me up from the comfort of my 125 to his 400 bandit ( the biggest bike I can go on my licence) I couldnt have done it without him, even going around the back garden was scary never mind the road. You’ll be a safer more confident driver after the IBT and Declan is the only man for it!

  25. Stephen D Mulcahy says:

    Well, the day finally came, but first, let’s go back to last year, Bought my first motorbike and went looking for an IBT instructor, heard good things about Declan, gave him a shout and proceeded to do the IBT with the good man himself, did the IBT over 3 days and great time was had, Declan is a pure gent and gives great instructions and very patient, very knowledgeable and easy to talk with.
    So was driving for the year and booked my test, did some pre-test lessons with Declan and it was the best investment I ever made, his knowledge and training style were a HUGE benefit.
    Sooo, turn up today at test centre, did some time with Declan just refreshing the ole memory, went in did some theory and out then onto the bike, long story short – PASSED with a clean sheet.
    I would seriously advise anyone who is interested in biking to hook up with Declan and go from there.

    Thanks Declan, it was a pleasure.

    Stephen D Mulcahy

  26. Miklos says:

    I’m a complete beginner have never ridden a bike before my IBT. Found Twowheeltraining through a friend and I had a great time learning with Declan. He’s professional, friendly and a passionate rider himself. I have recommended him to a friend and will in the future, I will definitely go back for a few lessons before my test. Getting my first bike tomorrow (2004 Bandit 600) and can’t wait to start using it with all the things I’ve learned from Declan. Thanks again!

  27. James Casey says:

    Thanks can not be said enough to Declan. His professionalism and his confidence is felt in every lesson. He was very clear and direct. Very honest with you on what level of riding you were at. I have had a very bad experience with another instructor, when I did my first lesson with Declan I felt his passion to teach and strive to get you to pass! …. and pass I did! I have and will always recommend him to friends and family alike. For I know the quality and energy he puts into his work.

    Thanks for everything Declan!

    J Casey.

  28. marc bowen says:

    I did my IBT with Declan O Donovan and he is an absolute gentleman to be taught by.
    He wants you to be excellent at riding your bike and will teach you to the end and he truly has done that for me. I am very confident on the road, thanks to Declan 🙂

  29. Dan O'Riordan says:

    Did my IBT with Two Wheel Training last August and passed the test today!
    All down to the professionalism of Declan O’ Donovan. It really felt like he wanted me to pass the test as much as I did. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, Thanks a million Declan, I owe you one!

  30. Chris Dineen says:

    Found Declan to be excellent, extremely professional and very informative, while at the same time he made the learning process very enjoyable and relaxing which made for a great time. DVD was also a very good educational touch.
    Was a pleasure to be trained by somebody so knowledgable and helpful, and that with every hour you could see your own confidence and skills improve.
    I would highly recommend Two Wheel Training and will be back myself for the pretest in 5 months time !
    Thanks Declan

  31. Edward Forde says:

    Fantastic instructor! I cannot recommend Declan highly enough if you are starting or need to improve your skills. 10 months after learning and 3 months after passing test his words of wisdom and advice still ring true whenever I am on the bike.

  32. Marco Kaufer says:

    Declan is a great instructor. I always had problems with U-Turns. He simple showed me how and where I have to focus my eyes and quickly it was easy for me to make U-Turns.
    I made my driving sessions end 2012. Now I have my license more than 2 years. Great. Big thanks to you Declan…. Followers are coming 😉

  33. Derek Fitzgerald says:

    I’ll just like to say thanks a million to Declan for a great few days on the IBT course.Declan is very professional and we had a great time.

    Nice to have meet you and we will meet again for more of your wisdom before I do the test.

  34. Graham Lynch says:

    First and foremost,whatever you think you know,however good you think you are,you will know and ride so much better after Declan’s help.I did my IBT with him and after driving bikes for a few years previously, I realised I had lots to learn.A couple of days with Declan and I was riding better, safer and most importantly it made the bike even more fun.My confidence on the bike improved drastically and you feel far more comfortable on the road
    I did my pre test lesson with Declan the day before the test and this really settles your nerves as you get great feedback and even a simple thing as driving around him simulates the test conditions and when you do the test it just feels like a run with Declan.I did the test, passed first time and with a full clean sheet,not a mistake all thanks to Declan’s great advice and help.
    I couldnt recommend Declan enough,the whole daunting process of IBT and test is made into a simple and enjoyable course.
    Thanks again Declan!

  35. Michael Hayes says:

    A big THANK YOU. Its true what they say. You do get what you pay for.. and more!! I started with Declan 10 months ago on a 3 day IBT course and enjoyed every minute of it. I then got my two wheels and spent the summer spinning around practicing all I learned… all the simple tips, basic essentials, etc. 10 months on and I contacted Declan again three weeks before doing my test to shake off the bad habits and of course the L plates…. Did the test and I passed, clean sheet, no issues, no faults!!! I can honestly say I could not have done it without Declans help and professionalism. His facilities and out road tuition were top drawer!!!
    I would highly recommend Declan and have no doubt I will use him again in the future to advance my skills even further…
    Thanks again Declan.

  36. Patrick Cashell says:

    I was very pleased with the training received at Two Wheel Training. The whole set up was impressive, the off road training area, the bikes and gear supplied. Declan is an excellent instructor, he is enthusiastic and does a good job. Declan was recommended by a friend of mine.

  37. Mary Rea says:

    I’ve been wanting to get into bikes for years and finally took the plunge June 2011. Thanks to Declan, I quickly gained confidence and skills. I loved it from the first lesson. I highly recommend Two Wheel Training. I did a pretest or two and passed my full license test in October 2011.
    The center at Curraheen is large and enclosed, great for learning and mastering your skills on the bike and building your confidence before going out on the open road. Declan’s knowledge, experience and good humour made the whole experience fun for me. I plan on returning soon for more advanced training with him. One can always improve and learn new things, learning never ends.
    Thank you Declan 🙂

  38. Henry Daly says:

    Declan brought me from a complete newbie to passing my test with no faults marked down. His center in Curraheen is excellent for getting used to the bike and during the on-road trips he’s an excellent guide, you might even score a coffee and scone!

    I did both the IBT and a pre-test lesson with Declan and the pre-test is a must, it’s amazing how fast you can forget the little things!

    Cheers Declan!

  39. Rob Jordan says:

    Declan ( Two Wheel Training ) brought me from complete novice to passing my test first time. Having the large off road facility was great to get to know the basics of riding. Always relaxed, Declan is able to show you what you are doing wrong and explain what you should be doing.
    His knowledge of the test process is outstanding, ensuring you go into the test with the confidence you need. I would highly recommend Two Wheel Training…..and of course learning to ride!

  40. Finbarr Warren says:

    I have a keen interest in bikes with years, and finally decided to take the plunge! Declan’s name was recommended ,as to where to start. So, I did the IBT with Declan and found it to be of huge benefit. Properly taught through, and shown how to ride a bike, and gave me great confidence on a bike. So now, a few weeks on, at the age of 41, I have got myself a Honda Deauville, and loving every minute of it. I would recommend anyone starting out, regardless of age, to do the IBT with Two Wheel Training

  41. cal flavin says:

    I would recommend Two Wheel Training for all your bike riding needs. I found Declan very easy to get on with, while being dedicated to job at hand. I passed my test with a clean sheet, all down to the training. Thanks again.

  42. I too decided that I wanted to return to biking after a very long absence and was disgusted when I found out that I would have to do an IBT course first. Money- making racket and ‘who could teach me about biking, having driven bikes since I was 16’ were some of my thoughts about it.
    From my first phone conversation with Declan I found him to be so professional and friendly and that continued throughout the entire course. I learned about what not to do and what I really enjoyed was the ‘using the road’ part of the course. The use of video was a great touch too.
    Route 66 here I come. Thanks Declan!


  43. John Briggs says:

    I returned to biking after an absence of many years last March and completed my IBT with Two Wheel training in their fantastic centre in Curraheen. Immediately I was struck by the good humour and professionalism of Declan O’Donovan the main instructor there. I learned more during my IBT than I had riding for the previous ten years! (It’s amazing what bad and dangerous habits you pick up!) A few months passed and I went back and did several more lessons with Declan, this time more about country driving and road positioning and I continued to learn and progress right through the summer. In August my driving test was confirmed for the 12th of Sep and I arranged a pre test lesson with Declan, and lucky I did, some of my bad habits had crept back in over the weeks and I hadn’t even noticed! Declan got me up and running again and I’m pleased to say I passed my test with no issue. I will definitely be taking some more advanced lessons with Declan over the coming months, but the moral of the story is, no matter how good you THINK you are you need at least one pre test lesson if not two. The test instructor is an excellent rider himself and really knows his stuff, you need to be prepared! As the old saying goes, fail to prepare, prepare to fail… Big thanks to Declan….


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