Insurance Assessment Programme

  • Approved Driving Instructor – We are approved ADI(Approved Driving Instructor) and Insurance assessor for AXA and Liberty Insurance.
  • Rider Training Assessment – We provide a rider training assessment for discounted insurance.

AXA Bikecare and Liberty Insurance have devised a skills training and assessment programme that is administered by approved motorcycle instructors. The programmes objective is to improve the skills of riders and to reward them through premium discounts. All skill levels are catered for, from the new beginner to the experienced expert rider.

Grade two assessments take place over three hours and approximately 100 km of riding. The rider must display that he/she is highly skilled and very safe in all road and weather conditions. It is very unlikely that a rider who has not had several lessons over a phased basis and has not completed thousands of miles of quality practice will achieve this level. It should be noted that it is not possible for a motorcyclist to genuinely achieve this level of skill on a one day course.